Advance Technology Company exhibited at the Space Tech Expo May 23-25, 2017

Jessica, jeff, Brayden & brian

Jessica, jeff, Brayden & brian

October 2015 Advanced Technology Company exhibited in the Pasadena Design2Part Show.

Brian, Brayden & jessica

Brian, Brayden & jessica

new 300 Watt laser welder

new 300 Watt laser welder

June 2015 Advanced Technology Company in Pasadena, California is proud to announce the purchase of a brand new Nd:YAG Pulsed Fiber Optic Laser Welding Machine. This new capital purchase is a major step forward for our company, steering us in the right direction to become a prominent figure in Laser Welding services provided worldwide. We have adopted a much wider range of capabilities with this new laser machine and have honed our focus on quality and outstanding turnaround times.

October 2014 Atco Website receives a facelift.

May 2012 - Atco passes AS9100 Audit

January 2012 - Atco Website receives a facelift

August 2011 - Atco passed ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Audit

June 2011 - Atco celebrates 40 Years in Business

April 2011 - Atco installs a new laser marker system

June 2009 - Atco passed a five day Nadcap Audit for Laser, Electron Beam and GTAW welding. An AC7004 Quality System audit was also conducted. No major and no minor findings!

January 2009 - ATCo Adds to GTAW capacity.  Atco recently installed a new GTAW Welding Positioning System to increase capacity.

October 2008 - ATCo does it again. Atco passed another ISO 9001 Surveillance Audit with no findings. What a team!!

March 2008 - ATCo Adds to CNC Machining capacity.   Atco recently installed a new HAAS SL30 CNC Lathe to increase capacity.

October 2007 - ATCo Website receives a facelift!

July 2007 - ATCo just passed a five day Nadcap Audit followed by an ISO 9001 Surveillance Audit back to back with no findings. What a team!!!

March 2007 - ATCo Receives a Certificate of Appreciation from NASA as a major contributor to NASA programs.  Mohammad Islam was invited as a guest speaker to the NASA Quality Leadership forum in Florida. His assignment was to provide a "Supplier's Perspective" to NASA.

ATCo AWARDED PRESTIGIOUS GEORGE M. LOW AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MANUFACTURING. NASA AWARDS FIVE FIRMS THE GEORGE M. LOW AWARD - Five aerospace companies were awarded the space agencies highest honor for excellence and quality. The award, established in 1985, is NASA's highest quality and excellence award for contractors and subcontractors and the oldest award for organizational quality. Advanced Technology Company, Pasadena, CA, received the award in the small business, service category. Advanced Technology Company is considered a world-class metal joining company, tackling jobs most organizations consider impossible. ATCo produced 20 imaging detectors that are operating error-free in space.

NASA's George M. Low Award The George M. Low (GML) Award is NASA's premier quality and performance award for NASA's prime contractors and subcontractors. The presentation of the GML Award signifies NASA's recognition that the award recipient has demonstrated excellence and outstanding technical and managerial achievements in quality and performance.

The medallion that is embedded in the shape of an Apollo Command Module has alloyed in it a portion of an artifact flown to the moon and back on Apollo 11 - the first manned lunar landing mission July 16-24, 1969.


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